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Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx Net Worth

The Jamie Foxx net worth started off with a career in stand up comedy and now he has both a Grammy and an Academy Award to his name. Jamie Foxx is nothing short of being a one-man entertainment genius and is rumored to be dating Hollywood’s sweetheart, Katie Holmes.

He has gone from being a small time funny man to one of the highest earning actors in the industry with a sky-high net worth.

Jamie Foxx Net Worth: $85 million

He shot to silver screen fame on his very own sitcom called The Jamie Foxx Show, his comedic timing and sparkling white smile won us over instantly.

But he wasn’t about to stop at the small screen, he went on to score roles in Hollywood movies such as Collateral with Tom Cruise, Any Given Sunday, Ray Charles and Django Unchained, all to critical acclaim.

It’s success like this that creates an impressive net worth of $85 million. Foxx has been named the 9th richest black actor in the world, just one place behind Morgan Freeman.

Where It All Began

Born Eric Marlon Bishop on 13th December 1967 in Terrell, Texas, Jamie Foxx was raised by his maternal grandparents after his own parent’s marriage collapsed. He often credits his grandmother’s influence on his life as the reason for his success today.

His song “I wish you were here” featured on his hit album, Unpredictable, was actually dedicated to her after her passing.

Foxx had an interest in music and the arts from a very young age. He started playing the piano at only 5 years old and was the choir leader at his local church for most of his teenage years.

He became so good at the piano, he would make up to $300 a week playing at shows around town.  An interesting fact is that his 3rd grade teacher would use him as a reward for the class – if they behaved Jamie would tell jokes at the end of the school day.

Jamie Foxx Starts at the Bottom

Not only was he funny and immensely talented he was also smart! Foxx received a scholarship to attend the University of San Diego where he studied music. He then decided to make a move towards the big time. Jamie would visit Los Angeles every weekend trying to get record deals as well as doing some small time stand-up comedy in bars. He soon became a regular on the scene and dropped out of college to pursue his dreams.

LA is not an easy town to make it big in, so Foxx found himself working as a janitor and part time shoe salesman just to make ends meet. This was early proof of the dedication and hard work that make Jamie Foxx one of the most respected artists in the industry.

Jamie Foxx the Funny Man

The reason for Foxx’s name change was pretty well thought out, unlike some other celebrity’s odd choices (Lady Gaga? Come on…). He noticed that females tended to be called up more often than males to be MC’s and decided an androgynous name was key to ensuring a spot.

And so his stage persona Jamie Foxx was born. He became a firm favorite and so began his rise to fame.

After just two years of small time comedy, Foxx was offered a role on the much-loved TV show, In Living Colour, in 1989 where he took part in the final three seasons. He then starred in his own sitcom, The Jamie Foxx Show, which ran from 1996 – 2001.

The show was a huge success and gained him some serious recognition in the acting world and thus, the Jamie Foxx net worth began to increase.

Successful Film Career

His first stand out role was actually a dramatic one in the Oliver Stone film, Any Given Sunday, in 1999, along side Hollywood big shots Al Pacino and Cameron Diaz. His performance was so fantastic he was offered a steady flow of parts in feature films.

Next up was his portrayal of a taxi driver in Collateral with Tom Cruise, which made $217 million worldwide. It resulted in Foxx being nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actor. Jamie Foxx had now hit the big time.

His most memorable performance, however, was as Ray Charles in the truly spectacular biopic, Ray. Foxx’s portrayal of the blind musician was nothing short of incredible.

A lot of effort was put into his role as the famous musician, they worked very closely together with Jamie mimicking Ray’s mannerisms and further perfecting his piano skills.

He fully immersed himself in the Jazz, Soul and Blues genres and even learnt braile in preparation for the film. It was ultimately Ray Charles himself who deemed Foxx good enough to play the part. All the hard work paid off with Foxx winning an Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe for best actor in 2004. He won a total of 19 awards for his performance in Ray.

His next role was in the movie Miami Vice, which he was paid $10 million for. Since then he has gone on to feature in films such as Horrible Bosses, The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Django Unchained, just to name a few, adding to his already substantial net worth.

Music Career

Unbeknownst to most Jamie Foxx has released five studio albums since the start of his 20-year career. His second studio album, Unpredictable, debuted at number 2 on Billboard’s 200 chart and sold 598,000 copies in one week!

His work with Kanye West on the Ray Charles inspired, hit single “Gold Digger” went straight to number 1 on Billboard Top 100 and held the top spot for an astonishing 10 weeks! The song went five times platinum and was downloaded over 1 million times in 7 weeks.

Jamie Foxx is the fourth artist ever to win an Oscar and a no 1 album joining legends Barbara Streisand, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Is there anything this man can’t do?
Future Net Worth Predictions

Earning approximately $10 million per film and movies like Django Unchained raking in $400 million at the box office there seems to be no stopping this multi faceted entertainer. Jamie Foxx has become one of the highest paid performers in Hollywood and has an impressive net worth to back it up.

All eyes are on Jamie Fox right now, waiting with bated breath for news confirming his relationship with Katie Holmes, x wife of long time friend, Tom Cruise. Yes, the lovely Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been seen together sparking major excitement for what the future holds.

It was reported that Jamie and his stunning daughter, Corinne Foxx met up recently with Katie to meet the adorable Suri. Not only would the combination of Jamie and Katie Holmes Net Worth make for some lavish and desirable living but the two definitely appear to have a tangible spark.

Our guess is that the couple is taking it slow, knowing all too well the attention stardom brings. Keeping a high profile relationship private is wise to make sure all involved are not subjected to unnecessary attention and the inevitable tabloid frenzy.

The couple have known each other for years, at the Apollo in the Hamptons Benefit in 2013, they looked fantastic and relaxed together. But then again, they are two very attractive people that look good anywhere. I guess time will tell, until then, we’ll keep out fingers crossed.

Born: 13 December, 1967