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10 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions So Ridiculous It’s Painful

Every so often you’ll see a news story trending about a celebrity wardrobe malfunction that uses the words, ‘disaster’ or ’embarrassing’ and tries to shame said star into feeling awkward about this clothing slip-up. The thing is, it’s happened to all of us right?

Celebrities, believe it or not, are human, and despite hiring hoards of people to make them appear like demi-gods, mistakes still do happen and yet the media jump on these moments like depraved vultures and spread them around for the world to see. But why should it matter? Here we look at a few ridiculous cases where a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ caused more fuss than it deserved.

  1. Janet Jackson

The incident that gave us the phrase ‘wardrobe malfunction’, Janet Jackson was performing at the Superbowl half-time show when part of her bodice was supposed to be ripped off to change the look of her outfit. Unfortunately for yer, fellow performer Justin Timberlake yanked too hard, and it exposed her breast.

The amount of furor this caused was insane, granted it shouldn’t have happened, but you would have thought no one knew that women had breasts before this. It is even speculated that this damaged Jackson’s later career, limiting her shows and bookings.

  1. Bailey Noble

Remember when True Blood actress Bailey Noble arrived at an SLS hotel party in August 2014, and a gust of wind exposed her undergarments? Magazines went crazy because she was wearing a bra? 

It’s as though women wearing underwear was a new phenomenon, why oh why people?

  1. Zoe Saldana

The Guardians of The Galaxy actress has had to carry her belongings very carefully in front of her here, and we can’t help but ask, yet again, why is this necessary? Oh yeah, because the paparazzi have no chill and are allowed to get away with being incredibly pervy. The problem is, these photos sell so should the blame lie wth us?

Yeah, probably. This is the society we have created, and this image illustrates that.

  1. Adrienne Bailon

Known for her roles in the band The Cheetah Girls and on the accompanying movies, and also for her new role as a talk show host on the show The Real , at a premier  red carpet event, the bottom of her dress seemed to come undone on one side exposing what kind of underwear she was wearing.

Apparently, this was a vital detail to the media outlets that reported it.

  1. Jennifer Garner

A similar thing happened to award-winning actress Jennifer Garner when promoting a movie called  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day which was about accidents happening to a character and his family and how they overcame them.

Apparently, the irony was lost on reporters who were desperate to point out she was wearing shapewear.

  1. Sarah Palin

The former Vice-Presidential candidate was promoting a cooking book on a video of her making a blueberry pie for Christmas when her jumper slipped off her shoulders exposing that she was wearing a lacy garment underneath it.

Lo and behold, a politician having the same body parts as any other woman caused great shock and consternation.

  1. Usher

Although this treatment is predominantly aimed at women (because, y’know, patriarchy) men don’t escape scot-free as R&B superstar Usher found out when his low hanging trousers slipped down his waist as he was performing.

People scrambled to get photos of the star in his underwear in print because…well, we don’t really know.

  1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a woman who isn’t afraid of flaunting her naked body in print and through her social media channels, and why not? She’s an independent woman and can do whatever she likes.

So quite why the media went berserk over her wearing a shere top and dark bra underneath, as though she hadn’t already broken the internet, is beyond us. Perhaps she even chose this outfit herself because she wanted to wear that, did that ever occur to them? Who knows?

  1. Emma Watson

Even the actress and women’s rights campaigner Emma Watson has to be careful when getting out of her vehicle at celebrity functions and we’d speculate that this fretful side-eye is aimed at the camera because of this. It seems that even a prominent feminist icon is not safe from this sort of absolute rubbish.

Another case of the irony of it all just going over the photographer’s head.

  1. Rita Ora

Rita Ora is our final slide to illustrate the point as she uses her bag as a modesty guard. We could have done countless slides like these on what female celebrities have to deal with but we’d rather not. The point is, we should not be creating a society that engenders this sort of hostility toward women.