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Wayne Rooney goal

Wayne Rooney Net Worth

Talent never disappoints you and this is true!

Especially, when you are constantly working hard on yourself to improve and present better. When it comes to the professional games, practice is the key factor that can get you to the heights of achievement.

Just like Wayne Rooney, who has a dazzling soccer career all because of his devotion for his favorite sport, soccer.

Playing on a forward position, Rooney has always supported his hometown team Everton. Not only that, his early career also dates back to the Everton. Happened to be a natural player, he has always showed the best of his skills and made it to the top ranks.

Over the years, he has improved his game competency a lot that there is continuous growth in Wayne Rooney net worth.

In the year 2002, the management of Everton decided to include him in the team for Premium League. At that time, his age was just 16 years.

During that tournament, he made a debut goal that was very first in the history by any young footballer in the Premium League. This goal happened while playing versus Arsenal and the game was super slow. The scored goal in this game put Rooney in the highlight.

Not only clubs, but media was also attracted towards this classic soccer player who has a brightening future.

He bagged Young Personality of the year award by BBC in 2002.

Growing success and developing skills made Rooney more confident about his game and clubs started to make him lucrative offers. Moving from Everton was an emotional decision that Rooney finally took in 2004 to the Manchester United.

Manchester United paid £26 million to get Rooney and from there he founded his distinctiveness as the star player. In the same year, his striking performance in Euro Cup highlighted England as the growing team on the soccer map. The football gurus declared Wayne Rooney as the upcoming soccer power on the ground.

Some personal information of Wayne Rooney

  • Name: Wayne Mark Rooney
  • Date of Birth: October 24th 1985
  • Profession: Soccer player
  • Hometown: Croxteth
  • Father name: Thomas Wayne Rooney
  • Mother name: Jeanette Marie
  • Partner name: Colleen Rooney
  • Children: Kai Wayne Rooney, Kit Joseph Rooney, Klay Anthony Rooney.
  • Team: Manchester United
  • Position: Forward, midfielder
  • Height: 5’9”Weight: 83 kg
  • Wayne Rooney net worth: $112 million

Sponsorship deals of Wayne Rooney

As a renowned soccer player, Rooney has many well-known brands under his name. he is a representing the brands like Adidas, Harper Collins, EA Sports, Nike, Coca- Cola, etc. Wayne Rooney net worth has a big share of his income from endorsements, which makes at least £2.5 million per year.

On the other hand, Nike is paying him £1 million each year. There were rumors that Adidas is trying to sign Rooney, but it never came into reality.

Rooney had also appeared in the promos of ‘Independence Day: Resurgence that certainly made him earning the big bucks.

Rooney’s investment

As far as Rooney’s net worth is concerned, he can invest as high as much he can. But, in real he is not investing much instead of few investments here and there. He has made investments in properties, has got lavish taste in racehorses and cars, but is on back foot when it comes to investments.

Once, it was heard that there is some of his investment in a Newcastle hotel with many other players of Newcastle United along with some names of Premiere League.

He made a very small investment of £200,000 in some businesses with Theo Paphitis and Kevin Peterson, the TV personality and cricketer, respectively.

Salary earned by Wayne Rooney

It has been reported that Rooney makes £300,000 weekly that rose from £250,000 due to commercial reasons. The deal was signed back in 2014 and will continue up to 2019’s summer.

Not to forget, this weekly salary will contain bonuses as well. Paul Pogba followed him in the queue of highest grossing players last year when he made a deal of £290,000 per week in Premier League.

Upon calculating his current earning from per month to yearly, he is making £1.3 million monthly and £15.6 million yearly. Whereas, upon completion of the whole contract with Manchester United, he will be making £83.2 million.

Charities done by Rooney

Along with his wife, Rooney is involved in many charity works.

Not only that they make donations from pocket, but they have also donated the winning £1.2 million to the four NGOs.

The match was between United and Everton, in which Everton were defeated. He made donations to the organizations named Alder Hey Children’s Charity, Manchester United Foundation, and Claire House Children’s Hospice and for NSPCC. Rooney also represents the NSPCC.

Like Luis Suarez and his wife, Rooney also has own charity called Wayne Rooney Foundation. His charity works to help people under poor circumstances and make life better for them. It is expected that his charity will be building €4 million in current year.

The organizations he supports works for children and works to provide financial assistance to the needy children.

Rooney’s lifestyle

Rooney love spending on cars and his house. He has that beautiful grand house that attracts the attention of everyone globally. He has actually built it customized with everything necessary present in it.

Furthermore, speaking of his cars, he has a real thrilling taste in them too. From Cadillac to Bentley and from Aston Martin to Rang Rover, he owns all the fast machines.

Wayne Rooney Net Worth

With his current deal with Manchester United, it looks like that his net worth will be increasing till 2019. With the United salary and endorsements, he has his net worth of $112 million that leaves Luis Suarez behind.

Although, in the same deal Paul Pogba is making £40 thousand more than him, thus, he is a, little way behind.

Wayne Rooney Net Worth in comparison of other players

As per the 2017 rankings, Rooney stands on the number 10 spot for the highest paid salary. While, Neymar Jr, Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, etc. are still on top numbers with their massive salary numbers, Wayne Rooney is still making higher bucks from Luis Suarez, Pelle, and Sergio Aguero.