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Emma Stone

Slimming with Style and Reason

At the beginning of any losing weight journey one is immediately confused by the amount of advice, tips, and dieting techniques out there. Consider these new effective ways to lose weight while trying to build up a healthy slimming strategy.

Go Low-carb, Not Low-fat

No All Fat Is Fattening

Most diets are based on reducing fats and this is a “hungry” and painful way to lose weight. A fundamental misconception that all fat is fattening presents a basis for all low-fat diets while being totally false.

Scientists are all positive that natural saturated fats are essential for building up brain cells. Human brain actually IS fat! The myths of those fats causing heart diseases are also long ago debunked, moreover, olive oil, coconut oil, and butter are considered indispensable as healthy fat sources.

Low-Carb against Cravings

Recent studies prove that a diet based on reduced carbonate consumption is actually more effective for losing weight. Instead of fats try to decrease carbohydrate intake from your meals.

While a low-fat diet inevitably results in repeating food cravings, a low-carb diet will reduce your appetite and lead to a faster fat burning.

Add an Additional Protein Source

Lean protein (chicken, turkey, beef, fish, eggs, etc.) is highly nutritious without making you fat. High-protein meals still hunger for longer time and help suppress the urge to snack.

A substantial high protein breakfast will load you with energy for the day and will help fight cravings for candies and croissants.

Enhance Your Metabolism

Exercise Is the Metabolism Fixer

When your body switches to a losing weight mode, it puts forward natural protection mechanism of lowering metabolism. However we need a healthily functioning metabolism to burn fat effectively, so there is evidently a contradiction.

The best way to activate metabolism is to work out: power training and cardio training help greatly to push your metabolism on healthy tracks again.

Although it is OK if you are not into lifting weights, set your goal to bring additional quality motion to your lifestyle. That means that just taking occasional walks around the park is not enough.

Healthy motion is the one that actually makes your heart rate up. Take long walks, go swimming, jogging, hiking or even tobogganing – choose anything that you enjoy most!

Natural Metabolism Boosters

There are some products that kick up metabolism softly and naturally. Add them to your daily menu and enjoy:

  • Yogurt, Curds, Kefir
  • Water: surprisingly it is the coolest and the cheapest fat burner and it also washes away harmful substances from the body. It is not uncommon to lose weight only by drinking more water;
  • Coffee and tea are good helpers, too
  • A pinch of spice: garlic, cayenne pepper, and curry enhance metabolism as well. Try some delicious Asian food!
  • Apples, lemons, oranges, berries are yummy gifts of nature that everyone simply must love.

Losing Weight Is a Life Long Marathon

Baby steps in Slimming Direction

Whatever strategy you choose for losing weight it is necessary to realize the vital truth: keeping your ideal weight is not a short-term project. In fact, it is a life long process.

It is a sad fact that many women spend precious years of their lives struggling with yo-yo dieting effects just because they don’t realize the necessity of a long-term lifestyle change.

The only way out of the vicious circle is to take small steps towards a healthier lifestyle that can bring about huge positive changes in the long run. Here are some tips you can start practicing right now:

  • If you are not ready to cut back on your favorite foods, set the limits: reduce the portions (take smaller plates) and you will automatically consume less;
  • Don’t keep a big storage of sweets at home: no one can resist that temptation, let’s be real;
  • Don’t give up the dessert if you really can’t live without it, instead try to freeze it. This is a surprisingly effective trick to outwit your brain: frozen yogurt or pudding tastes very much like ice-cream without making you fatter;
  • Holding a spoon with your left hand (or right hand if you are a leftie) will significantly slow down the eating process thus resulting in less calories;
  • Set a goal to lose not more than 1 pound per week and you will get slimmer week by week without much stress.

It’s All in Your Mind

Remember, the new behavior patterns that you develop will bring change not only to your body but to the brain, the organ that stands behind overeating and feeling of satiation.

When you are intentionally working on setting up new habits and routines, the brain responds by opening up new neural pathways and forming new neural connections.

It takes some time to replace old routines with the new ones, but that is the best of all known and new effective ways of losing weight.