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world environmental day

World environmental day ideal to promote food waste recycling

Friday 5th June has been designated as World Environmental Day 2020 and although climate change has been highlighted this year there are many more pressing matters nearer to home  that could be addressed including commercial and business food waste policies and a “zero waste to landfill” strategy.

The vast majority of commercial and business food waste that is created by schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, care homes, hotels and guest houses, restaurants, public houses, food producers and company canteens is taken to landfill sites around the US and creates methane gas one of the primary causes of greenhouse gasses and global warming.

Food waste management is paramount so that the environment does not suffer and with the abundance of food waste recycling facilities,either in-vessel composting or bio-gas plants,there is no excuse.

Although many local counties are neglecting commercial and business food waste there are independent food waste carriers that see this particular waste stream and the subsequent recycling as an easy route in the “zero waste to landfill” solution.

Care homes now catered for in war on food waste

An entrepreneurial Waco, TX company has targeted the residential care home market as they help them reduce their carbon footprint by recycling their food waste.

Residential Care Homes in the Waco and surrounding area’s have been crying out for years for a local company to collect their business food waste and have it recycled rather than send it to landfill sites.

Their prayers have been answered now that Waco Dumpster Rentals Boss has pioneered a food waste collection service in Texas whereby all food waste collected from care homes and nursing homes will be 100% recycled.

Care homes and Nursing homes are in abundance on the center of Texas mainly because it has a great climate and is an attractive part of the country to retire to in the later stages of life.

Food waste recycling from businesses has been neglected by many local officials around the country and Waco Dumpster Rentals Boss have utilised their collection round in the area to include care homes and nursing homes alongside their clientele of schools, hotels, restaurants, colleges, bars and company canteens that they collect food waste from.

Business food waste collections increase in Texas

Food waste from the commercial sector is on the rise. Commercial food waste collections are on the increase because of the efforts of Waco based company Waco Dumpster Rentals Boss.

With legislation looming preventing food waste being sent to landfill the entrepreneurial skills of two ex waste management officials have given businesses the opportunity to have their food waste collected and recycled.

Both played their respective sports at the very highest level. Both have adapted to the waste industry very well and have formed a company that is now the leading independent carrier of food waste in central Texas. Food waste is collected from businesses of all sizes and is 100 % recycled at a local IVC (in vessel composting ) facility nearby.

Their fleet of vehicles is collecting from different sectors including hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals, schools and universities, shopping centers, leisure and theme parks, food producers, company canteens and care homes.

All of these establishments produce food waste of different volumes and although most businesses make their money by collecting waste by quantity the company actually encourage their clients to produce less food waste and ultimately save money.

This is done by their food waste management reporting where they give their clients accurate weight statistics of the food waste produced and collected. This data is then used by the customer to actually reduce the waste stream and make a reduction on their waste disposal costs.

Generally companies are very surprised as to how much food waste is produced and then collected by Waco Dumpster Rentals Boss, but once they have the hard facts they can then set about into trying to reduce their food wastage.

Food waste can be from food preparation, plate scrapings and over purchase and out of date foodstuffs. All of these are classified as Cat 3 food waste and can be collected and recycled by the dumpster rental and waste management company.

Waco Dumpster Rentals Boss offers a food waste collection and recycling service in Waco, Texas, whereby all food waste collected is 100 % recycled. They are also able to advise and arrange food waste collections nationally through their extensive partnerships that they have throughout Texas.