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How Recycling Can Teach Your Kids Financial Responsibility

Most parents have a desire to raise children that will work hard and appreciate the value of a dollar. Trying to instill this value in your children can be the difficult part. One of the first ways you can teach your children the benefits of being financially responsible is by teaching them the importance of recycling.

Teaches Values

When you teach children to recycle, it helps them understand the value of taking care of our environment. Recycling helps them learn that the planet is not an endless supply of resources, and neither is money.

Children sometimes think that if they break a toy, it is no big deal and the toy can easily be replaced with a quick run to the store. If you take the time to explain what recycling is and how it affects our planet, then your children will know that garbage doesn’t ever really go away.

They can learn to value the items they have and the impact that the items have on the planet.

Saves Money

If your children are involved in your home’s recycling practices, you can help them learn how to reuse items versus throw them out. You can teach them that instead of throwing away a ripped bed sheet, it can easily be cut into pieces and used as cleaning rags. Your children can find ways to save money by recycling items.

Recycle for the Future

You need to understand the serious nature of recycling and what it means to the future. When recyclables are burned, not only do they go into the air as pollution, but they are also never available for use again.

That is the saddest part of destroying anything that may be able to be used as a component of something else. While states may enact laws to help stop the burning of recyclables, those laws are hard to regulate. Individuals can help by making sure that they recycle all of the items that they can.

The Importance of Recycling Water Bottles

We have seen a rise in the recycling of water bottles. However, the increase has not kept pace with the actual sales of bottled water. Far too many bottles end up in the landfill or worse, especially when plastic water bottles are an in-demand resource that can keep a local recycling center in the black.

Litter Patrol

Most people use bottled water because it is convenient.

However, that often means that the bottles are thrown away, and some are just tossed into the environment. Bottles that end up in the landfill are bad enough, but if you have ever seen a water bottle in a beautiful natural place, you know that it is a shame that people decide to ruin the scenery with their carelessness.

There are few conscientious individuals who take their bottles someplace to be recycled.

Needed Resource

We know that it is important to make sure that we use the planet’s resources to their fullest advantage. By recycling your water bottles, you are not only helping to keep your world clean, but you are also helping your local economy.

Water bottles are a commodity on the world market, and China is the world’s largest procurer of them. That makes it hard for a local company to compete.

Surprising Kitchen Items That Can Be Recycled

People often limit the items they recycle to what gets picked up by the standard recycling company. However, there are ways to recycle items you may not have thought of. There are even surprising kitchen items that can be recycled.

Wine Corks

Wine corks might seem insignificant when you think about how small they are. However, given that over 850 million gallons of wine are consumed in the U.S. alone, all of these wine corks add up. There are companies that will take wine corks from you to create new products.

Water Filters

Studies have shown that people who care enough about recycling also care about their water source. Because of this, many people who recycle also use water filters.

Unfortunately, they are not always quick to think that the water filters themselves are recyclable. Filters usually can’t just be thrown into your regular recycling bin, but there are drop-off locations that accept water filters.

Cereal Box Liners

You might easily remember to recycle your cereal boxes since they are made out of cardboard. 

However, it isn’t always as easy to think of recycling the plastic liners inside your cereal boxes. These plastic bags can be utilized for storing frozen food or baking. If you choose not to reuse them in your kitchen, your recycling company usually accepts cereal box liners.