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Get Some Weight Loss Motivation

Motivation is something we need to react positively to a particular situation.

It has many forms, but always motivation is purely for the benefit of YOU, and only you can rustle it up for your own use. Many people can give motivation to others by simply doing or being what you want to be or achieve, but you are the only person who really can give it to yourself.

Motivation and weight loss

Weight loss motivation is one of the hardest forms of motivation. It’s difficult because results can sometimes be a long time coming and we need to see the benefits for our actions right away…which won’t happen in the next few days or so on a weight loss program. But when we do start to see a difference in our shape, weight loss motivation becomes easier every day.

Some days though, our motivation is low. Maybe we are tired or have other things to think about other than watching our weight.

These are the days when you have to pull out all your resources to get that motivation back. That’s where willpower helps enormously, if we can resist that snack, or we push ourselves to do that bit of exercise that we are dreading, the weight loss motivation comes flooding back.

Motivation comes hand in hand with one another; they compliment each other very well. Without willpower, the motivation will be lacking, and without motivation your willpower weakens. When they are both working together as one, you can almost achieve anything…not only weight loss.

Do you want better results

The results are amazing! If your motivation and willpower are at their highest, your weight loss program becomes easier…even enjoyable! This is the secret to losing weight. You can diet and exercise all day long, but without motivation it will be a miserable experience trying to stay fit and healthy.

There are many ways to achieve this kind of motivation, for instance Hypnotherapy where your subconscious is tapped to make your brain become positive to your plan.

This may help some people, but it’s a bit of a long shot and can be expensive. Then there are the self help books that are plentiful on the internet to buy.

Some of them seem to go overboard and leave you almost obsessed about getting motivated. You feel as if you are another person trying a new life strategy…you are, but there is no need to go to these lengths to find weight loss motivation.

Then there are there motivational quotes that are awe inspiring and clever and live with you for the first week or so of your weight loss program, they they become forgotten.

All these are fine, but what you really need to do is look at yourself first, the motivation will come from inside you with no help from anybody else.

Focus on what you want to lose weight for…really focus.

Take a note pad and write down all the great things that can be done when you reach your comfortable weight and shape.

Once you have compiled the list, read over it again and give each reason a minute or two to sink in. Think deeply how your life will be all the much better for losing weight.

The importance of taking notes

Now write down a list of negative things that are stopping you do what you want to do, and how you feel about your size now. Write down how you think others think of you…not mentally, but physically. Write down how you feel about your happiness right at this moment.

When you’ve finished compiling the list of negative thoughts, go through it again and just think for a minute or two about how you feel about each response.

Take your time with these lists; they are not to be made in 5 minutes. Take a quiet hour away from everything, reach into your inner self, and let it all flood out.

Now write down how you feel at the very moment you’ve read through the lists at least twice. Write down how you would like to see yourself in 6 months time. Will you still be the weight and shape you are now…or even worse? Or can you imagine yourself as a more slender, happier person?

Keep these lists, read them almost every day and when you feel the weight loss motivation lagging, take yourself off to a quiet place where there are no disturbances and reach your inner self again.

The more times you do this, your brain will accept that your are determined to carry out this weight loss program and will start to be trained to understand that you won’t be tempted to snack, miss an exercise session or eat unhealthily.

You will enjoy your journey in to losing weight instead of it being a trial of dread. When you start to see a difference in you body shape, your motivation and will power will kick in all the more.

Remember, it’s all about YOU, no-one can really help you with your own weight loss motivation. Sure, you can draw inspiration from others, but it’s all down to you to find your own motivation from inside yourself.