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5 Reasons to Keep Track of Your Fitness Goals

Keeping track of fitness goals is a proven way to achieve results.

Stating goals, recording progress, and realizing results are critical to any successful fitness program. There are many reasons why finding ways to record goals and progress towards them will facilitate a successful fitness routine.

Setting SMART Goals

Overall, setting SMART goals will inspire and offer extensive information for new goals and fitness tracking. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Setting this type of goal can offer a specific finish line, and place it within reach.

Keeping Track of Your Fitness Goals With Tools

There are many tools available for free to help achieve fitness goals. These tools can measure fitness goals and weight loss goals. Most goal tracking devices are available anywhere an Internet connection can be found.

The Cron-O-Meter

The Cron-O-Meter is a convenient tool available anywhere an Internet connection can be found. While there are many different free calorie counting or fitness tracking software applications available, the Cron-O-Meter has several functions and is universally convenient. The Cron-O-Meter can track more than just calories and fitness.

The Cron-O-Meter has over seven-thousand foods built in for calorie tracking. The user can easily add a new food into their own version. This program can also generate reports on protein and vitamin balancing, as well as track weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Workout Plans From an Online Personal Trainer

There are a few websites offering an exciting new service, customized workout plans developed by the best personal trainer. They will use all of a trainee’s personal information to develop a customized nutrition and workout plan that will jump start anyone towards their fitness goals.

On top of being a remarkable way to focus in and start achieving SMART goals, the online fitness expert plan will save a lot of money over a local trainer.

A month long plan drawn up by an online expert should cost around one hundred dollars, where as a local trainer would easily charge over one thousand! Look around at some of the online personal training plans, and see if they are an option to further your fitness goals.


Flickr is an excellent tool for uploading photos by desktop, phone or as an email submission.

Calendars are a terrific way to get motivated. People have been using calendars for reminders, scheduling and motivation for hundreds of years. Put the two tools together and there is a powerful fitness plan motivator waiting.

Flickr can be set up to display picture sets as a photo based calendar based on the day the picture is uploaded. This can be quite a powerful tool in motivating with pictures of anything involved in the fitness goal. The Flickr calendar can be set to private, and photos can display pictures of physical progress, food eaten or even the gym equipment used that day.

Fitness Report Cards

Many sites are offering a complete fitness report card to help grade the trainee’s current nutrition and fitness levels. These reports are immensely useful in offering an overall image of the current situation and an idea of where to head in the future. There are many sites offering free fitness report cards with registration.

Tracking the Old Fashioned Way

Sometimes, all someone needs is a pen and paper to create a powerful motivating tool. Remember the SMART goals? SMART means your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable and timely. A great way to utilize the SMART goal is to set up plan sheets for motivation.

Start developing a blank form. This form can be printed out on several blank pages, and filled out every time there’s a step towards the SMART fitness goal. At the top of the form, type up a motivational article like:

“I want to lose weight and get back in shape for my family. I want to be there for my kids, and that includes being off the couch and outside with them to play sports. I’m going to watch what I eat every single day. I’m going to start walking at least 2 miles every day. For the betterment of my life and because I love my family, I’m going to record my exercise daily.”

Next, write down what is trying to be accomplished, and the procedure for doing it. This accomplishment will be the SMART goal which will change every time it is completed.

Now, place a section for activity description, and how long the activity was done. Now put a date on the form. If it is not being recorded elsewhere, also include a short description of how much this activity aided the final completion of the SMART goal.

Monitoring Goals Online

iStats is a fascinating tool for online monitoring of the overall fitness goal and the SMART goals. A user can register for free, and then use iStats to register workout details, monitor weight gain or loss. A member can also use the community to organize work out goals, share tips and compare results.

After weeks and months are logged onto the iStats website, users can ask for community reviews of fitness and diet activity.

The community and professionals can make suggestions of how to change the workouts or eating habits to suit the SMART goals. Its an impressive site to find for group motivation and tracking of goals.

Achieving Fitness Goals

There are a lot of free and paid tools available online to help with achieving fitness goals. Finding the best one depends on the SMART goals being attempted. Remember these simple tips when setting goals and working towards them:

  • Try an online community.
  • Track progress.
  • Verify online advice with a doctor or expert
  • Set SMART goals
  • Use all available tools

If you have been waiting to get started, but have had trouble with motivation, now is the time. Online fitness tools have become super additions to achieving fitness goals.

The Internet fitness tools available will help you to turn your goals into reality. Check out some of the free ones and get started on completing your fitness goals today!