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Top Things to Do in London

London has a lot of tourist attractions to offer for a few weeks, at least.

However many tourists come only for a long weekend. But that also can be enough to at least the major attractions and sites to visit.

We show you below the best tips for three days in the British capital. Who is only three days in London, must find the balance between tourist highlights such as the London Eye and cool clubs like the Sketch, between shopping on Oxford Street and seeing some art at the Tate Modern. And a bit of relaxation as on the sun loungers in the park.

Londons tourist hotspot and an ideal starting point for exploring the city is one bridge. On the Westminster Bridge they all meet – at the front of the 250 meters long bridge shows the leader of a Chinese tour group with a black umbrella, where it goes along. An Indian bridal couple posing a few yards further for the photographers – the parliament house is to be on display. A Scot is playing his bagpipes “Must i, then, I must go out to the city.”

The London Eye

The London Eye is a somewhat unusual tourist attraction. The ride is more meditating, if not just annoying. Who is hoping for an adrenalin kick is here not correct.

The cabins move so slowly that you hardly notice it – one lap lasts 40 minutes. But the trip is worthwhile: the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral is very easily recognizable. Unexpectedly one is quickly on a height with the digits of the Big Ben. And that is also the moment when the smartphones are pulled. One click – finished is the selfie in airy height with the famous clock tower in the background.

The Tate Modern

Continue eastwards until the banks of the Thames swiftly meet with the Tate Modern, the baroque cathedral of international modern art.

Housed in a new power station, will be home to alternating exhibitions of contemporary artists including Rachel Whiteread, Frida Kahlo, Martin Kippenberger, Mark Rothko and Kandinsky. At least as impressive as the art are the rooms: the massive turbine room has approximately the dimensions of a hangar.

The Borough Market

Slowly it is time for a refreshment, so off to the Borough Market, one of the oldest Food markets of London: since the 13th century, it has been in the same place, on the grounds of Rochester Yard.

It has won many awards over the past years, such as the London Lifestyle Award. It was the venue for “Bridget Jones – Chocolate For Breakfast “as well as” Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban “. Jamie Oliver buys here its food.

The Oxo Tower

When the Oxo Tower was reconstructed in the Art Deco style at the end of the 1920s, London’s Thames-Shore really was an absolute prohibition of advertising for buildings. However, the Company name OXO am Turm. The architects were only clever: they interpreted the Vertically arranged letters as a cross between two circles and named it as Object of tower design.

In the 1970s, the tower was empty, and now there are shops, apartments and one Chic restaurant on the 8th floor, from which the guests have a magnificent view over the Thames to the City of London on the other shore. Here you should at least have one Drink and relax the first day.

The Horse Guards

The horse guards, the wax soldiers at the passage to Buckingham Palace are known to sit on horseback.

From the wake-up at 11 am – on Sundays an hour earlier – apart, is there however not much going on. The men in uniform with the white gloves, shiny Chest horseshoes and equally shiny helmets are not used for chatting. Selfies with Horse and waxy are at least as popular as those with Big Ben.

Buckingham Palace

If you are in a hurry, head straight from the Horse Guards to Buckingham Palace. But This is not only tired, but also dull. Much better: a break, just like Many Londoners do that too. The lawns in St. James’s Park are for relaxing – And as long as it does not pour, every day is high.

The British Museum

Afterwards, you are deep enough for a trip to the Great Russell Street THE Museum of Great Britain. Hence the name: The British Museum. The first Thick human dreary stands around a showcase on the ground floor. What do they all want? In the Rosetta Stone is exhibited, the archaeologist in the deciphering of the Hieroglyphs helped.

Today the Rosetta Stone is just one of thousands of world-class shows In the British Museum – and the entry is also free. To look at everything would be Madness, but still: impossible. Even the special exhibitions are interesting enough. And millions of individual pieces belong to the whole museum population.

Barbican Center

Continue eastwards to the Barbican Center. It is Europe’s largest artistic and cultural centre and is home to the London Symphony Orchestra Botanical garden with 2000 dissimilar plant species on the roof. That’s how big it is Buildings that the area for cinemas, concert halls, theatres, etc. would be eleven football fields.

And there is as much concrete in it as in 30 kilometres of six-lane highway. In the Barbican Center was, by the way, the most popular musical in the world – “Les Miserables” – and The first silent disco in the world took place here, probably to the delight of the residents.

The J & A Café 

Time for a refreshment, time for a small break in the café. Our recommendation: the J & A Cafe, positioned in a beautiful courtyard among Clerkenwell Road and Great Sutton Street, On the ground floor of a beautiful old diamond factory. Legendary are the Homemade cake.

Try the Guinness Cake! Do not worry, the cake Reminds only the black beer with the white foam crown – and care Plenty of cocoa (black) as well as butter and fresh cheese (white). The cake in the J & A (the Guinness Cake is the penultimate one in the series):
Best Things to Do in THIRD DAY of LONDON Tr

Oxford Street

The Oxford Street On the third day there is a contrast program. For shopping junkies, Oxford Circus is the Ideal stop for getting off. There, Regent and Oxford Street cross each other Main shopping streets of London. It is said that nowhere else in Europe will be doing shopping Much money spent as in Oxford Street. That may be and nowhere is that Crowd so big. On weekends it is advisable to avoid the side streets, where there also beautiful boutiques to discover.

Oxford Street has an enormous selection of department stores, chains and fashion brands to offer: From clothes shops such as Topshop to the largest store of Marks & Spencers up to the Department store specialist Selfridges, also the biggest branch at all and also with the Largest men’s shoe division in the world. If you need to escape the hustle and bustle, bend into the Bond Street and breathe something through.

The Kew Gardens

If you have to open your head afterwards, it is best to go out into the green. According to Kew Gardens, for example, the Royal Botanic Garden, one of the most beautiful of the World – and very British: Visitors like to come in dresses with floral pattern, excellent Matched to the respective hat. The gardeners ride on small black bicycles Because the plant is so massive: on more than 120 hectares they take care of about 40,000 Plant species.

There are beds with lush green roses and greenhouses with plants from all over the World. The palms house of 1848 houses those from the tropics, among them still delicious ones Mango and fig trees. Among the peculiarities of the royal gardening system is that felt all three minutes of aeroplanes strolling low above the beds and trees in the sky.

Something unpleasant is the same in two ways: once, because aircraft noise is simply not to Kew Gardens and second, because he mentions the tourists painfully, that the return flight is coming soon. But before you go back, you should go back to the nightlife of London into the sketch, one of the most famous clubs in the metropolis. If you’re lucky, here Celebrities like Taylor Swift and the walk to the toilet is an experience.