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Snow fails to stop food waste collection company

Minneapolis Dumpster Rental Corp is braving the wintry weather as they collect their clients food waste bins. Food waste bins at 7am in the morning are covered in snow, as expected.

With the majority of the country covered in snow and ice and drivers warned to stay at home unless it is of extreme importance it is the “good old bin man” that is often forgotten as they have to attempt to go out in all conditions.

Minneapolis Dumpster Rental Corp, the leading independent waste collection and dumpster rental service in Minnesota that collects commercial food waste from businesses in six counties were tested to the full today when the snow covered south and sub zero temperatures made collecting the food waste bins of their clients a very cold affair.

The Minneapolis based food waste collection and recycling company were today faced with the option not to collect on time from their list of high profile clients or brave the conditions and pull out all the stops to ensure that all of the food waste bins were emptied on time.

On time waste collection

Most waste carriers, especially the council refuse trucks that collect from residential properties, decided to stay in bed and not risk the snowy conditions that were on our streets this morning.

The decision was made that the clients must come first ahead of the warmth of staying at home.

Minneapolis Dumpster Rental Corp had been monitoring the changing weather conditions in the area’s where they were due to collect for the last 24 hours and decided that it was safe to travel on the main roads to collect from businesses on their food waste collection round.

At no time was the safety of their staff compromised which was a tribute to the gritter lorries on the roads for the last few days.

With food waste to be collected from a number of sites from a national brewery chain, a leading shopping park, a hospital, leisure park, schools and restaurants it was important that these food waste wheelie bins were emptied on time to prevent overfilling, which in itself could cause a rodent problem, and inconvenience to the clients and their paying guests.

Hotels target food waste to divert from landfill!

As 2019 draws to a close and we approach 2020 and the new rate of taxation that will hit the economy it is the hotel sector of the market that is being pro-active as it looks to divert food waste from landfill and reduce some of its waste disposal costs.

Hotels produce a fantastic amount of food waste and generally this has always gone to landfill purely on a cost basis.But with landfill tax set to raise again next April to $56 per tonne it may not be the cheapest option and is certainly not the most environmentally friendly option.

There are now two mainline options in diverting hotel food waste away from landfill.

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants are starting to appear around the country. thanks to a big push from the government as its preferred option to dispose of food waste and create renewable energy.

In Vessel Composting (IVC) is the other option that has been around for some length of time and is a trusted and proven form of recycling food waste and diverting it from landfill.The end product, after a prolonged process of approx 10/12 weeks, is compost that is put back onto the land and is a sustainable option for the future.

The price of IVC as a disposal route is certainly cheaper than landfill and will surprise many hotels and other food producers around the country as they look to increase their recycling figures within their establishments.

Minneapolis Dumpster Rental Corp have been working with the Minneapolis Area Hospitality Association and has seen some of its member hotels sign up to food waste collections in the Twin Cities area and divert this waste stream from landfill.

With many hotel guests in the Minneapolis area already recycling their food waste with their local councils by means of kerbside collections, at home ,it comes as no surprise when they hear that the hotel that they are staying in is recycling their food waste responsibly.

Two waste management members that have recently signed up with Minneapolis Dumpster Rental Corp are the twin Cities Encore and Holiday Inn Hotels, which have both encompassed the idea of recycling their food waste.