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Everything you wanted to know about flowers

Read all about the language of flowers

Flowers reflect feelings better than words or gifts. They have been used for this purpose for centuries, and each of them carries a strong message. To express feelings or intentions in accordance with an occasion or an event, learn all about the symbolism of flowers.

Flowers to express love

There are different ways of showing love to someone. Timeless, offering flowers is a thoughtful gesture. The varieties chosen say a lot about your feelings.

The gladiolus, the primrose and the white rose are to be offered during a first meeting. By their shape and color, these flowers herald beautiful adventures.

The gerbera, the pink rose and the amaryllis, for their part, represent the love conquest. In the language of flowers, these varieties represent sensuality, femininity and eroticism.

To declare your love to someone, the red rose, the dahlia and the tulip are essential choices. These flowers tell the declaration of love with panache and naturally transmit this feeling to the person who receives them.

What flowers to offer on the occasion of a birth

The arrival of a new baby in a family is a happy event. On this occasion, nothing better than expressing your joy through a special bouquet of flowers, carrying a strong message.

Roses: essential, these flowers can be offered during childbirth. For the occasion, it is better to choose varieties of white or pink color. In the language of flowers, the color white is a sign of purity, which goes perfectly with the birth of a baby. In addition, offering pink or white roses remains in fashion. To give an even more personal touch to this event, a bouquet of roses and lilies is recommended.

Peonies: these flowers are perfect to offer to congratulate a birth between May and June. For the composition of the bouquet, opt for peonies with pale petals.

Tulips: making a bouquet of tulips for the mother and the newborn is a very good idea. These flowers indeed express felicity.

Gerberas: in the language of flowers, the gerbera is a sign of great joy. Offering a bouquet of gerberas is thus suitable for the arrival of a newborn baby. For a particularly successful composition, make a bouquet of solid or multicolored color, according to what the mother prefers.

Lilies: bringing a bouquet of lilies to mark the birth of a baby is also ideal. In the language of flowers, these flowers reflect purity and delicacy thanks to their white color and the softness of their petals.

What flowers for a death

Flowers also occupy an important place during a funeral or during the commemoration of the missing. Indeed, mourning flowers are adapted to these situations. Several varieties bring a little comfort to the loved ones of the deceased and reminds them that death is also part of fate.

Chrysanthemums: These are the most suitable flowers for death. Chrysanthemums exist in a multitude of colors and make it possible to make mourning bouquets. They can be used at funerals to reflect sadness and regret. They are also favored during commemoration ceremonies or during All Saints’ Day.

Roses: suitable for any event, roses are often present at funerals or at commemorative ceremonies. Note, however, that bringing roses to a funeral is appropriate if and only if the deceased is a family member. The red roses are generally reserved for the spouse of the deceased and those of white color are dedicated to the family. Bouquets of orange and yellow roses, on the other hand, are common for a friend’s funeral.

Carnations: they are also part of the funeral compositions. In the language of flowers, carnations represent respect and tenderness towards someone. Elegant, a bouquet of carnations can be brought to a funeral by the relatives of the deceased to show their attachment. It also makes it possible to express regrets in all sobriety and with tact.

Hydrangeas: They are often used to flower graves on the occasion of All Saints’ Day. If white hydrangeas are the most appreciated for flowering burials, colored hydrangeas can also be chosen for the composition. It all depends on preferences and the degree of intimacy with the deceased.

Lilies: thanks to their white color, lilies are a symbol of purity. Considered the flower of kings, they can also be placed on a tomb during a funeral. Bouquets of pink or white lilies are the most used. The color depends on the degree of relationship between the deceased and his family.

Flowers and motherly love

Motherhood is a very important step in a woman’s life. It’s a lifelong commitment. Offering flowers symbolizing this maternal love is a very beautiful gesture that moms will not soon forget.

The rose: this is the queen of flowers. Thanks to its shape and its captivating fragrance, it allows you to create a bouquet that will always amaze recipients, especially mothers. The latter adore almost all roses.

The carnation: in the language of flowers, the carnation means “I am your slave”. It symbolizes the affection and eternal love of a mother. After an argument, it is best to offer a bouquet of carnations to your mother to be forgiven.

Bright and large, the sunflower is a sign of sunshine and joviality. This flower is offered on special occasions or to very dear people, especially mothers. This gesture carries a strong message. By its shape, the sunflower will inevitably brighten the day of the person who receives it.

The dahlia expresses recognition in the language of flowers. White, red, pink, orange or yellow, it can be offered on all occasions. To thank a mother for her presence, compose a bouquet of dahlias. Those who love colors will appreciate a bouquet of multicolored dahlias.

Friendship flowers and their message

To tell friends that they are appreciated, it is possible to offer them an appropriate bouquet of flowers. Many flowers symbolize friendship.

In the language of flowers, yellow is probably the color of friendship. It perfectly expresses friendly relations. To please friends, it is recommended to compose a bouquet of yellow flowers, regardless of the variety chosen.

To celebrate his friendship with a woman, pink roses are ideal. The yellow and orange roses are intended for men, but can also be offered to women, it all depends on preferences. To give volume to the bouquet, add lily of the valley or white bells.

For a bouquet of flowers out of the ordinary, prefer yellow peonies. In ancient China, they were even considered the most beautiful flowers. Flowering only in spring, the peony gives off a pleasant fragrance and symbolizes both modesty and friendship.